The Fotona LightWalker

The Dental Arts Centre and Skin Care clinic is proud to have the Lightwalker® Laser by Fotona as our newest tool for painless and superior dentistry and skin care services.

The Lightwalker® is two lasers in one, having a hard tissue laser and a soft tissue laser that has revolutionized the way that we can treat many conditions, often with no anesthesia needed.

The LightWalker® treatments provide natural results that are:

  • Fast and also promote quicker healing times
  • Less painful than other traditional methods
  • Safe and patient-friendly procedures
  • Minimally invasive and tissue-selective

Laser Dentistry and Skin Aesthetics using LightWalker


The Dental Arts Centre and Skin Care clinic is excited to be using the Fotona LightWalker®, a versatile laser system that can be used for both dental and skin care treatments. The LightWalker® combines two complementary laser wavelengths that can perform a wide range of applications, from hard and soft tissue dentistry to facial aesthetics. This allows our clinic to offer high performance, precision, speed and comfort for patients.

Laser Dentistry

High Performance Dentistry

The LightWalker® can help fix decayed teeth, infected roots, missing teeth, bleeding gums, and a lot more! The laser is also perfect for gentle cosmetic dental procedures such as laser tooth whitening.

The LightWalker® is also perfect for children visiting the clinic as it keeps pain and bleeding to a minimum, and does not produce a drilling noise. There are no scalpels or sutures used during the treatments either.

Facial Aesthetics

Non-Invasive Skin Enhancements

The LightWalker® can be used to improve your skin condition in a smooth, almost “feather-like” non-ablative manner, without bleeding and with precisely controlled temperature deposition, making it ideal for skin tightening. The laser provides longer lasting and scientifically proven methods of restoring the natural beauty of the skin.
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