Root canals and tooth pain

“Oouch! My tooth hurts and I can’t sleep.”

Chances are there is damage to the nerve in your tooth. As our client we will endeavor to get you in within 24 hours to relieve your pain and we also belong to an emergency network that provides after-hour support.

When a cavity or trauma has compromised the dental nerve it can cause a lot of pain.  The nerve needs to be removed from the tooth before discomfort or infection increase.  With prompt dental attention, we can save the tooth through root canal treatment, which removes the infected pulp before the infection spreads.

Typically, after we do the root canal, we add a crown to the chewing surface to maximize the tooth’s life. Early treatment can give a tooth with a root canal as long a life as healthy ones.

Please note if you are experiencing serious symptoms such as pain, swelling, bleeding, and discomfort you should go to the hospital emergency room for immediate attention.