Fillers / Hyaluronic Acid

It’s no secret.  As you age, your skin starts to wrinkle and sag.  This happens because your skin starts to lose its elasticity with its decreased levels of hyaluronic acid, which reduces elastin and collagen.  Skin damage can also occur through exposure to environmental factors such as pollutants and sunlight.

Cosmetic fillers provide a solution that turn back the hand of time, rejuvenating your skin without surgery.  Surface hyaluronic acid injections boost your skin’s elasticity and restore youthfulness by reducing wrinkles and drooping.  Cosmetic filling is a great alternative to more invasive, time-consuming, and more expensive surgical operations with longer recovery times.  Using this approach, we can have you in and out of the chair in one, two or three appointments of about an hour.

Your skin will slowly absorb the hyaluronic acid over the next several months, meaning that you can maintain the rejuvenating effects with semi-annual appointments.